Travel is subjective because where you go depends on where you came from, what you like to see, and what you like to do. But there some locations that everyone brings up when they talk about travel. Majority of vacationers tend to focus on just the select few that have taken over the public's imagination for generations. Movies and television shows have glorified particular attractions so that they seem more impressive than they actually are in real life. An exploitative tourism industry might have spoiled natural wonders with an over-saturation of merchandise and facilities. These, among other things, sometimes do turn even the most attractive sites into something so much less. Consequently, some spots that are not as attractive can be overly marketed, making them more popularly admired than they actually should be.

One person's tacky attraction is another person's must-see destination that is perfect for Instagramming. Unfortunately, for those who have not travelled before, or are just looking at exploring their wandering side, some popular travel destinations and tourist attractions are not, or maybe they used to but are no longer, what they seem. These days, some of the most-hyped up places no longer live up to their reputation as a bucket-list must-visit. Many of the once long-beloved and highly anticipated attractions of 2019 have been disappointing to many visitors, especially those who are travelling to see the well-raved about destinations, due to several factors including but not limited to big crowds, long lines, high prices, or other factors. Some people may give future travelers or explorers the advice: Avoid them, if you don't want to be disappointed.

To save you time, money, and energy, avoid these tourist traps:

1. Disneyland's Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge

California's Disneyland opened Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge comes with plenty of exciting stores, restaurants, and designs. However, the "Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run," where guests pilot their own ships, is their only ride thus far. There are lower than expected 2019 attendance numbers. Disney ended reducing park worker's hours in order to compensate, according to an anonymous Disney employe"n. Kate Moss has even ridden it 25 times. You waste time and money; you queue non-stop and it costs 10x more than an ordinary fair ground ride. The option for fast tracking the line will cost you a whopping $30 euros. The length of the ride is only about 30 minutes. But there are spectacular views of the city available elsewhere.

3. The Red Light District

People-watching at the Red Light District in Amsterdam quickly gets repetitive. You'll only see bored, scantily-clad women looking at their phones, creeps just trying to sneak pictures of the women in the windows, and crowds of drunk people and listen to to catcalls. Fratty drunk guys gawk at the women like they where caged animals and make rude comments.

Sex tourism has led to organized crime, human trafficking, murders, drugs in Amsterdam after the Netherlands legalized prostitution in 2000.

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