"Paragon" isn't exactly one of the most popular games around and definitely not within the leagues of games like "Overwatch." However, the MOBA title might be on the right path to soon compete with Blizzard's offering, which happens to be showing extremely slow updates, patches, and new characters.

According to the official website news from Epic Games, even though "Paragon's" 2016 start wasn't the best, the team is looking forward to a more productive 2017. In fact, the promise of delivering new heroes every three weeks is kept.

As the publisher's recap for 2016, "Paragon" managed to get 5.7 million registered players since its launch in March last year. There are also 25 heroes in total and the game had 132 updates so far. New maps and balancing system have been incorporated as well, making the game more accessible and enjoyable.

"Paragon" is expected to be introducing more features, an overhauled card system and new game modes in 2017. There are no details yet as to what these updates will entail, but the team's goal is about "rethinking" the entire thing, which equates to bringing an entirely overhauled system.

In VG247's report, "Paragon" seems to be getting a huge advantage over introducing new and interesting things than "Overwatch," which appears to be just able to release a new character every three months or even longer.

According to how it was described, "Overwatch" isn't too reliant on items nor there's any particular attention to be given with varied loadout. In simpler terms, the game relies on the players' skills and varied techniques depending on which characters they are pit against with. This is entirely different from what "Paragon" is.

Blizzard's game, as it really strikes odd to everybody, seems to be utterly slow on delivering new characters or even new game modes worth getting lasting hype to certain types of players. The need to get new characters is a subjective matter, but looking at the current trend and norms as also shown in the "Paragon" makes some players feel about "Overwatch," being a bit left out. Blizzard knows what it is doing with its method of introducing new characters in its game, hype dies quicker for some fans.