We vacation locally in one of two ways: either you're a seashore lover or you're crazy about our country's beautiful mountains.

Extroverts prefer the ocean, while introverts go for the mountains according to new research in the Journal of Research in Personality. According to the researchers at University of Virginia, "People preferred the ocean over mountains when they wanted to socialize with others, but they preferred the mountains and the ocean equally when they wanted to decompress alone."

"We tested the link between introversion and the mountains experimentally by sending participants to a flat, open area or a secluded, wooded area. The terrain did not make people more introverted, but introverts were happier in the secluded area than in the flat/open area, which is consistent with the person-environment fit hypothesis," one final point seen in the study said.

Here are arguments for both vacations:

Beach Holiday

You can enjoy the simple things, like feeling beach sand in between your toes, or a fresh sea breeze on your face.

Given that the beach life is totally upbeat and lively, beach people are generally active and highly energetic.

If you're looking for an adventure holiday, then we recommend a beach with a good surf. If you're looking for a tranquil spot where you can relax and play in the sand with your little ones, then we recommend a commercial beach with toilets and restaurants nearby.

A beach person is observed to be more of a social butterfly.

Beaches boast warmer weather than the mountains all year round. Warmer temperatures create a cheerful and comforting atmosphere.

The beach person may be very carefree and cheerful in nature.

Beach activities are more fun where you can paddle board, kayak, snorkel, scuba, surf, swim, parasail, boat, fish, and the list goes on.

Mountain Getaway

People who love mountain vacations, are more of balanced travelers who love to be around nature. They love mindfulness; they deal with one thing at a time.

If you're an adventurous person, your getaway to the mountains may include hiking trails. If you're looking for relaxation and an escape from the humdrum of everyday life, then the mountains are an excellent excuse to turn off your phone and cuddle up with a good book.

You can disconnect and relax and be totally connected to nature.

Enjoy simple things such as the morning mist, the dew on the trees and plenty of fresh air while walking barefoot on the grass and swimming in the river.

A mountain person wouldn't mind ditching the virtual world to get connected to the real world around them.

Crisp, fresh air isn't something you get everywhere in the world, so breathe in deeply.

A mountain person may appear to be very calm and composed, and still be happy at the same time.

Whether it's someone who doesn't clean up after themselves or a gaggle of screaming children that seemingly belongs to no one in sight, some type of annoying sunbather is bound to ruin your day.

You can choose one or another option would be to combine them.