Quy Nhon's relative tranquility adds to its allure. It has remained largely undiscovered by international travelers, most opting to follow a worn path to Vietnam destinations such as Hue, Hoi An and Sapa -- often with a final stop in Ho Chi Minh City. It is still not on most people's radar which is why if you are looking for a hidden spot to get to know the real Vietnam and explore some beautiful countryside and pristine beaches, hop on a bus or plane to Quy Nhon.

Quy Nhon is a must-visit in Binh Dinh Province despite being less popular than Nha Trang (Khanh Hoa) or Phu Quoc island in terms of high-end beaches and seaside resorts.You'll find Quy Nhơn half way between Hoi An and Nha Trang.

Plan to visit between January and March when temperatures reach the high twenties and there is little chance of rain. If you come between September and December, you will risk having your plans ruined by heavy downpours.

Staying in Nhơn Hải which is right in the sand couldn't have been closer to the beach. The hostel breakfasts are divine. Or you could stay at one of Anantara Quy Nhon's pool villas to have some luxe and views.

The public beach is immaculate, with no tacky restaurants or tourist gimmicks, only a waterfront abundant with green space, parks, gardens and rubbish bins. The beach and boulevard gently stir with activity at sunrise and sunset when locals come out for some exercise, football, a cooling dip or a lazy cycle. There is also a bustling market, a thriving cafe culture, ruins and pagodas.

You can get around the center of Quy Nhon and to the nearest beach by foot but for day trips, it's better to have a bicycle or motorbike.

For local cuisine, Bánh xèo is a small, thin rice pancake folded in half like an omelette and filled with shrimp, meat and soya bean sprouts. Most popularly found at the Diên Hồng Street in the city centre, Bánh xèo is sold in many of Quy Nhon's specialty restaurants, semi-permanent stalls, and temporary stands in front of homes.

Kick off the day with a stunning sunset view from Eo Gio. You will be passing by Thi Nai Bridge - one of the longest and most beautiful bridges in the area.

Take a canoe at the beach of Ky Co which is surrounded by the ocean on one side, and the gorgeous mountain on the other. Ky Co is the 'the Maldives of Vietnam'.

Queen Beach or Egg Beach is a few minutes away from the center in Han Mac Tu Memorial Park, a site dedicated to a famous Vietnamese poet. The beach lined with smooth, egg-shaped stones, you have a beautiful view of the ocean and some great photo opportunities at Egg Beach.

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