Buying gifts for travelers can be difficult. Everything from the typical travel pillows, luggage, and tents to things like automatic pet feeders, cocktail travel kits, and carbon offset gift cards suit any type of traveller. If only the decision for gift-giving was as easy as back then.

Buy a birthday or holiday travel gift that your favorite intrepid globe-trotter will actually find useful and practical. You should also take into account the occasion and your budget.

These are our suggestions:

1. Anker Powercore Portable Charger

There's nothing worse than running low on power in your travel when you want to contact someone for emergency or take nice pictures.

The smallest and most powerful powerbank in its class, the Anker PowerCore 10,000 is about the size of a credit card (just thicker). It can charge a phone over three times and most tablets once, the fastest possible charge up to 2.4 amps.  Considering how much battery is hidden inside here you'll be impressed by how light it is at just over 350 grams. Like the weight of a can of soup.

No worries. Anker provides an 18-month warranty and friendly, easy-to-reach support.

2. Word Puzzle Book

Word puzzles are great for airports, planes, trains; basically anywhere that requires waiting. Save your friend from boredom.

Other than for the purpose of alleviating boredom, word puzzles not only improve your vocabulary building, but your reasoning skills too. It also helps maintain our mental health because when your brain keeps working on a continuous basis the cells are activated.

3. Sony Portable Bluetooth Speaker

The Sony Bluetooth Speaker makes it easy to watch movies with other people on your laptop in the hotel you're staying at or at the beach. The battery lasts up to 12 hours, so you can party all you want with your friends.

The Sony XB32 does the job of being a versatile playback option for indoor and outdoor situations.

There are so many bluetooth speakers in the market that they have suffered overcommoditization. but this bluetooth speakerd stands out in an increasingly crowded field.

It is light enough to throw into a bag and go anywhere from there.

4. Scented candles, perfumes, and soaps

Smell is closely associated to memory. The scent of something has the ability to transport us back to places we've traveled.

Consider getting them something scented that will evoke past travel memories to places they enjoyed. Take them on a sensory journey around the world to exotic places.

Also, a company called Homesick makes soy candles which are supposed to smell like specific U.S. states, cities, and countries.

5. Luggage Scale

This is perfect for your friend who is an overpacker. A digital luggage scale which will allow them to easily tell how much their suitcases weigh before getting to the airport, since it will be an embarrassing hassle to unpack and repack in the airport.

The clear LCD backlit screen for day and night visibility will accurately display both weight and temperature of your luggage.

Which one of these will you give as a gift?