Despite some minor challenges, nothing compares to having the freedom of only bringing a suitcase while you travel.

The humble suitcase is best suited for traveling to resorts, if you're renting a car, if you physically can't carry something on your back for hours at a time, and when traveling to weddings or other formal affairs.

Here are the reasons why the suitcase is a perfect companion for your travel:

1. Good for staying in one place

The suitcase shines brightest when you're staying in one place for a while as opposed to moving around between different hotels or hostels. This also works when your travel days are concentrated and linear (i.e.: you travel directly from one place of accommodation to the next, without too many detours).

As long as you're staying on the pavement and away from off-road challenges, it won't really be a problem to roll it around.

2. Becoming a light packer

Getting into the habit of traveling with a carry-on makes you stick to the essentials. The limitations (size and weight restrictions) to keep your overpacking tendencies in check tend to give you discipline.

3. Lightweight yet strong

Fewer vacationers relish the thought of lugging heavy, overstuffed bags into and out of planes, trains, and automobiles, not to mention baggage carousels.

Polycarbonate luggage is lighter than plastic or aluminium cases. Some people might argue that wheeled luggage is impractical over rough terrain (like cobblestone or dirt roads), being carry-on sized, but it's light enough to carry by the side handles when necessary. 

Hard case luggage can be much lighter than your standard suitcase thanks to the material used in newer models.

4. Smart Features

Suitcases are appreciated for its intelligent features with retractable handle, padded compartments, 4 roller-blade wheels and many more. They also have the most spacious organizer compartments to keep the pens, cards and many other small items. Coordinated ID tags are also available so that it is convenient for getting a higher option for casual as well as formal travel. 

5. Durability

A really durable suitcase is built to withstand the treatment of baggage handlers.

Hard-shell suitcases are much easier to keep dry in extreme weather conditions. It also provides better protection against general stains.

If you are a frequent flyer, then you definitely need a durable suitcase brand. It is just a better investment in the long run - you will pay more for it now, but you won't have to replace it for a really long time. This is as opposed to getting a cheap suitcase that you have to replace on a yearly basis, and even earlier if you get on a plane several times a month.

6. Changeable designs

Hard case suitcases can get unique designs placed on them. One company even lets you wrap advertisements onto it to save you money.

7. Professional-looking

The sleek exterior can be better for business travelers. Hard case suitcases inherently can look more professional than their fabric alternatives because they're usually solid colors. 

Did those qualities pass your checklist?