Are you having mixed feelings about travelling with your kids? Do you wish for them to explore the world with you but worried if you can handle it? Are you tired just thinking about all the possible tantrums? 

Travelling with kids need not be that hard! 

Here are 5 tips you can follow in your travels with the kids:

1. Set no expectations for travel

It is an imperative to keep an open mind. Let the trip take you instead of you taking the trip! Don't set expectations of how much fun you'll have.

When people recommend their travel experiences, they tend to leave out the bad aspects of their trip. Your hopes and dreams of the destination may not materialize. Let that be. With that said, you can lower your expectations or let them go entirely. That way, you won't have high expectations which you cannot meet and you enjoy the experience and destination.

2. Be open to possibilities

You can follow a list of things to do, but have a mindset of "being open to all possibilities." This means canceling a planned activity in favor of something spontaneous for the kids.

Practicality can sometimes be overrated when it comes to traveling. Go for what sparks joy!

How to Travel with Kids
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3. Pack as little as possible

You don't need to pack everything kids use at home since you won't be able to preserve all your routines when traveling. Take note: almost everything can be bought abroad, and you can always buy something you need at your destination.

You can opt for a smaller suitcase and follow a packing list: Pack bags with what is needed first on the top; don't pack shoes for every occasion; don't pack thick and heavy clothes; share your toiletries and; take only your essential medications.

4. Pre-book wisely

Take your time booking. You don't want that problem when your pushing a stroller or when your holding your overly excited kids. 

Know where you're staying before you arrive. Book the first night or two ahead of time if you want flexibility, then decide where to stay for the rest of the trip.

5. Slow down.

Plan for a slower pace. Don't cram too much into your itinerary. Set the pace to what your youngest child can handle.

It is harder for kids to adjust to new time zones more than parents. With slow travel, you and your kids can gradually adjust. You can also have deep cultural appreciation by learning a bit of the language and knowing more about the food and local traditions. You also don't have to cram much into your schedule or daily routine.

6. Set a family travel budget.

Decide on a comfortable budget that works for your family; it need not be expensive. But every now and then, you can splurge for experiences.

Set a maximum budget. By identifying your maximum budget, you can narrow down your destinations. It can be based on your monthly budget and your income. Once you select your destination, search for vacation packages. Add a little money for miscellaneous expenses.