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Yup, Watermelon Skiing Is A Thing, Here’s Everything You Need To Know About The Weird Sport

Travelers Today       By    MJ De Castro

Updated: Jul 21, 2018 07:07 AM EDT

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People who want to try a wacky sport do not need to look any further. Popular in Chinchilla, Australia, watermelon skiing is something adventurers should try.

Watermelon skiers gather at the Melon Festival held every two years in the Melon Capital of Australia. The spot produces around a quarter of the refreshing fruit in the country. The festival where the unique event takes place in considered as a tradition to honor agriculture.

About Watermelon Skiing

To start the game, a long tarpaulin that contains large amounts of smashed watermelons is needed. Players wear a helmet before putting each of their foot in a cut-out watermelon. Young or old, they start out at one end of the tarp.

While grabbing a rope, the skiers will try to maintain their balance as they are being pulled across the very slick surface by two people while gaining pace. The skier who traveled the longest distance before falling over, or the one who completes the course without tripping is considered the winner.

Although most attempts at the game are messy and will probably end in a belly flop, the enjoyment it brings is unparalleled. Many people fail to complete sliding on the tarp without falling over because of how challenging it is.

By the time people have finished skiing, they can expect to be sticky and wet, so future players need to make sure to have spare clothes to use after getting a shower.

During the festival, many melon-related events are also being held such as the melon bullseye, melon heads, and melon bungy. People who are attending should not also miss the street parade where countless vibrant floats welcome its attendees.

A staggering amount of more than 1,000 watermelons, rockmelons, and honeydew melons are consumed or used in the must-visit festival.

Other Similar Activities

Though many people have boasted participating on crazy events, watermelon skiing will still be at the top of their list. The next announced watermelon skiing activity in Chinchilla on its website will not happen until February next year, but there is no need to worry.

California holds the same game during its Watermelon Festival. According to its website, they have adapted the game because it looks too much fun to pass up. It even suggested that the best way to do it is to bend the knees, hang on to the rope tightly, try to maintain balance, and to not forget to smile.

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