The elite couple who married at the St. Mark's Church in Berkshire flew to the Pacific Islands for their honeymoon. They chose the famous The Brando in Tetiaroa for their blissful first days as a married couple. The island was bought by former actor Marlon Brando and his French Polynesian wife Tarita in 1962.

The resort boasts of mixed native and high-end amenities. The thatched villas each as an infinity pool, an outdoor bath, and a rocking chair for two, with solar electricity, seawater air-conditioning, solar electricity and generators running on coconut oil.

Travel Pulse reported that the island was where Barack Obama stayed while writing his memoir. The luxurious resort commands prices ranging from €2,200 (about $2,472) for a single room (with breakfast included!) up to €12,300 (about $13,825) for a three-bedroom, all-inclusive experience.

Daily Mail reported that the newlyweds were spotted at the LAX airport on their way to Tahiti for the honeymoon. The report said that the couple seems to have not slept as they look sleepy and tired. The reception party was reportedly lengthy that reached up to the wee hours of the morning. Less than 24 hours after, they landed at the world's famous airport in Los Angeles.

The lavish wedding was a memorable event held at the church bedecked with white flowers overflowing the windows. The reception held inside a glass marquee at Pippa Middleton's home entertained the guests in grandeur and luxury not mentioning the food that only the rich and the famous can afford to serve their guests.

The members of the British royal family was in attendance - Kate Middleton, Prince George and Princess Charlotte with Prince William were there each with specific parts in the ceremony. Prince Harry was in attendance that later went out to fetch his actress girlfriend Meghan Markle in time for the reception.

After the hype of the society wedding between Pippa Middleton and James Matthews, Prince Harry is expected to occupy the news headlines with a marriage proposal to his "Suits" actress girlfriend. Theirs will surely be the next most-anticipated wedding in the Westminster Abbey.