Residents near the Mar-A Lago Resort noticed a sinkhole that appeared in front of the property. Many claim that it was heaven sent to give an omen of future events encompassing Trump's term as president. Some even connected the time it appeared with the time the Trump Tower owner visited the Western Wall and the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem.

Donald Trump owns the Mar-A-Lago Resort, a luxurious resort in Florida that caters to the affluent and the Trump close supporters. It was formerly donated to the U.S. government to become the "Winter White House." However, it was purchased by Trump in 1985 and converted it into a high-end resort.

The 45th president of America has spent his early days as the head of state in the resort spending millions of taxpayers' money for his travels to his property. The huge traveling expense has caused anti-Trump Americans to condemn the state expenditure as compared to the much lesser amount spent by former president Barack Obama for his travels.

Twitter user named @Rschooley tweeted, "Can we get a time stamp on this and the sinkhole opening at Mar-A-Lago?" The tweet has a photo of the president praying at the Western Wall. The message implies that something divine happened while Trump is in the holy city.

Another user named @ChloeAngyal wrote, "Breaking: God sends really obvious sign" along with a published report about the sinkhole.

A geologist named Christian Rathkopf explained in the IFL Science report comment section about the occurrence of sinkholes and said that they are inevitable and frequently happens in Florida. He also wrote, "Flooding or unusually high levels of ground moisture can cause sudden collapses of topsoil into sinkholes, but the actual formation of the void is caused by naturally-occurring amounts of carbonic acid in rainwater dissolving limestone bedrock."

According to Time, the sinkhole is 4-by-4 feet seen to be near a newly-installed water main. In view of the sinkhole, the town of Palm Beach issued a travel alert as the West Palm Beach Utilities will be examining the sinkhole for a day. A part of the lane has been closed to traffic.