North Korea is getting ready for another war. At least, that's what some experts think after satellite imagery revealed some artificial islands located 70 miles northwest of Pyongyang, surrounding Sohae Satellite Launching Station, a missile development and testing site.

In the satellite images, it's shown that the islands are home to military installations, and has already undergone five years' worth of development. Since the tension between the North and the U.S. is escalating this year, some experts suggested the islands' purpose is to be a breeding ground for missile attacks.

In an email to Fox News, Gordon Chang, an author of several books on North Korea, commented on the risk associated with the artificial islands. Neighboring countries are also concerned about the recent discovery.

"North Korea is never up to any good," he said "The new facilities, whatever their purpose, will be used for evil deeds, mischief, or troublemaking of some sort. My sense is that the facilities on the new islands will be used for missile launches of some kind, especially because they are near Sohae."

Although it's a sensible explanation for the islands' purpose, there are also some that dispute the islands being home to missiles. North Korea expert and political science professor Dr. Bruce Bechtol, thinks that the islands could be for non-violent use, maybe agricultural.

"It's interesting that they're developing these islands, but they're probably mostly for civilian use," he said through Express UK. "They ruined a lot of their soil in the 80s and 90s. These islands have the potential to really help them out through possible fish farms or oyster farms."

"As far as the islands being something that could present a real imminent threat to the US or South Korea, I'm just not seeing it," he added. "The land mass of those islands is too small to move around missiles." Exact details on the islands' have yet to be revealed by the hermit state.