Dusseldorf is one of those less-frequented European cities that will make every traveler wonder why it's as hyped as other cities. One of the most beautiful cities in Germany, anyone who'll venture to the city in the banks of the Rhine River will sure have a time of his/her life with the infinite amount of entertainment and sights you can experience in the city.

Now, getting to Dusseldorf is made much easier with the expansion of Condor Airlines to the U.S., according to Travel Pulse. If you're looking for an overseas trip filled with culture, fun, excellent food and booze, then Dusseldorf should be your next trip. To give you a sneak of what you're getting in for, here are three of the best things to do in Dusseldorf:

Go on the longest bar crawl in Altstadt. Germans are known for their love for beer, and here in Dusseldorf, the locals boast of their "longest bar in the world", according to Skyscanner. About 300 different pubs and bars are crammed inside a half-kilometer area, promising every guest with a warm belly, lots of fun, and a little-lightheadedness-that is if you can control yourself.

Explore the city's history in Kaiserswerth. This activity can be cultural, inquire the services of a local historian and take a tour on some of the ruins located in Kaiserswerth, one of the oldest places in the city. Either rent a cab or ride a bus, it's up to you. This trip can be made romantic too, if you want, by opting for a romantic boat journey from central Dusseldorf. Take your partner with you and have a lovely time.

Appreciate modern architecture in Neue Zollhof. Every Dusseldorf traveler shouldn't miss visiting Neue Zollhof. It's one of the testaments to the growing world of modern architecture, and three of the buildings there made by Canadian architect Frank Gehry deserves a spot on your Instagram feed with their striking appearances. Architecture buffs as well would have the time of their lives admiring the buildings in the area.