In the aftermath of reported fake news proliferation on Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg was quick to defend his social media platform. At present, he challenged himself that for this year, he can visit every state in the U.S. This means he has to visit 30 more states before the year ends.

A lot of people are speculating that the Facebook founder is running for President in the U.S., hence, he is making the states rounds. But Zuckerberg has informed that he is not running for the highest leadership position in the country. But his travel itinerary reveals that he is visiting states where Donald Trump has won according to Venture Beat.

Interestingly, the people he met were diverse. He visited a car factory in Michigan, talked with former drug addicts in Ohio, spent time with Muslim students, visited Wisconsin, and tooled with the mayor in South Bend, Indiana. Notable also are his meetings with ordinary people.

BRProud reported that the tech genius surprised a family having dinner at Newton Falls, Ohio. A certain Daniel Moore revealed that members of Zuckerberg's staff coordinated with him if he wants to host a guest for a dinner. They did not reveal Priscilla Chan's husband's identity.

Although the Moore family knew that someone will join them for dinner but still, they were taken by surprise when Zuckerberg showed up. He talked about many things particularly politics, orphanages and his future plans for the community. It was not known if he has informed the family that he has put in a huge chunk of his wealth for a foundation that will eventually eradicate diseases in the whole world.

Moore said that the longer he conversed with Facebook's CEO, the more he liked and was inspired by him. Moore thanked the 32-year-old Mark Zuckerberg by way of a meaningful on his Facebook account.