Upgrade your travel experience and explore underrated European towns that look too good to be true. Even though Europe is bombarded with tourists every year, there are still many well-kept secrets that are lying in wait for you to discover.

One example? Laussane, Switzerland. This timeless old city has been thriving beautifully for hundreds of years, it even dates back to Roman times. But Lausanne is an immortal city, kept young with its beautiful culture, student population, and locals who don't want to let go of the old ways however how much the world is growing up.

It's a short train ride from its popular neighbor, Geneva, according to The Independent, and is the perfect destination for travelers who want to see and experience old cultures mixed with the new. It's located midway along the crescent-shaped Lac Léman, and is a downhill-flowing city towards the shores of Lake Geneva.

For accommodation, guests have a variety of choices depending on their budget, the Telegraph reports. from The Royal Savoy, Lausanne's latest luxury hotel, to Hotel Swiss Wine, a budget-friendly hotel that is wine-themed and offers daily tastings of ultimate Swiss wines.

Stroll around the city and you'll find that 17th-century houses still dot Lausanne. You can start your leisurely walk at the Cité, a hilltop refuge that is highly prosperous during the Middle Ages, and is the oldest part of the city.

For culinary delights, don't hold back and make sure to try Lausanne's irresistible treats. Try stopping for lunch at the city's oldest restaurant, Pinte Besson, which started operating in 1740. Here, traditional foods abound the menu, such as the sinfully good yet unhealthy rösti with Vaudoise smoked sausage.

For city attractions, make sure not to miss the Olympic Museum. Lausanne dubs itself as the Olympic Capital of the world, and the museum is an exciting place to explore complete with interactive multimedia exhibits, three floors' worth of permanent displays, personal stories of famed Olympic athletes throughout the times, and much more. If you're getting hungry, fill your bearings at TOM Café.

There are still tons of activities Lausanne has to offer. If you're culturally-deprived, travel-hungry, or simply wants to get out and explore the world, make sure to include Lausanne, Switzerland on your bucket list.