A European vacation is everyone's dream, but the stigma of it being expensive is one of the things that hinders tourists from traveling this beautiful continent. Contrary to popular beliefs, a vacation in Europe doesn't have to break the bank. There are several picturesque European destinations that are wallet-friendly and equally enjoyable.

Of course, since summer is nearly upon us, going to the beach, getting some tan and swimming in the ocean's waters is a must-do activity. If you want to wade in European sands and beaches, here are some of the top affordable beach holidays in Europe:

Ibiza, Spain. It's true. This famous European beach party destination is not exclusive for visitors with lots of cash. According to Business Insider, a whole day spent in Ibiza for two persons complete with a two-course lunch and a three-course dinner with a couple of bottles of wine in between will set you back around £131.02 or $164.18. Not as much as you would expect!

Sunny Beach, Bulgaria. The tourism boom in Sunny Beach helps keep it a cheap destination, with the staggering amounts of bars, hotels, and restaurants in the area. Constant offers of cheap deals abound this European destination as a tactic to ward off competition, and according to Price of Travel, a nightly rate for two persons can even go as low as €36.40 or $39.01!

Corfu, Greece. One of the greenest and most beautiful Greek islands, a beach holiday in Corfu will not only have you not feeling guilty about the amount you can spend for a day, it's also, for sure, going to be one of the best beach holidays you'll ever have. For only £90.05 or $112.84, you can relax and have the time of your life, Greek style.

Malaga, Costa del Sol, Spain. Located in Southern Spain, Malaga's beaches are very accessible being close to the city center, therefore, transportation cost is not going to be a problem. The vibe is very Miami-like, but with a distinct Spanish touch. An overnight stay in Malaga is possible below a hundred bucks, so feel free to stroll its beach bars, drink delicious cocktails, or simply lie in the sand with your sunglasses on.