Summer is almost here and everyone's looking forward for the increase in warmth in different places in the country and worldwide. For anyone who finds the beaches dull even with its relaxing sand and waterside activities, beach festivals are coming and there are plenty to choose from for 2017.

Instead of just staying inside and enjoying the amenities of your Danish hotel, why not go to Roskilde? During the last week of June to the first day of July, Roskilde's music festival includes bands and international acts such as The Weeknd and Foo Fighters for this year. While not on the side of a beach, the dry, warmer climate, great music and company make it a great destination for music.

According to Telegraph UK, the United Kingdom has excellent British beach festivals, such as the "Sounds of the Sea" event. On Osea Island's 1.5-square-kilometer wide land is a "restival" that focuses not on dancing but meditation, gong baths and "sound immersions." Travelers to this festival could only expect to hear the sounds of the beach, birds and pure bliss.

But the United Kingdom has a summer music festival as well. In Cornwall's Port Eliot is an alternative music festival set in a stately home. Aside from music are workshops on cheesemaking, foraging and swimming in the rivers or deltas nearby. A true retreat, as how CNN Travel describes it.

If not in Europe, then Japan might be a better location for music specifically dance and electronica. This year, on the last two days of July, Bjork, Aphex Twin and Queens of the Stone Age are just some of the international acts to perform at Japan's Fujirock festival in the dried-up mountains of Naeba Ski Resort.

Travelers and summer celebrators who would love to see the beauty of Paris during the summer will find a treat in the first week of June. For two days, an eco-festival called "We Love Green" would see musicians including A Tribe Called Quest, Solange and Perfume Genius perform while the festival focuses on spreading an environmental message.