An environmental think-tank has issued the entire world a deadline. Within 10 years, if global warming and greenhouse gas emissions are not scaled back, the environmental damages could be permanent and irreversible. The study also indicates several solutions including reforesting and tree planting to serve as "carbon sinks" against the increasing amount of gasses trapped in the atmosphere.

According to EcoWatch, the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis found through their investigation that the Earth only has 10 years to reverse the effects of global warming. Permanent damages include environmental pattern changes, which could mean a swift melting of the polar caps that would result in rising ocean levels and increased harshness of storms and weather changes.

The study recommends drastically dismantling coal and combustion-based power generating facilities in favor of renewable energy facilities. An increase of renewable energy use by 2022 along with the development of forests, reforestation programs and improving ocean life to reduce the impending climate warming.

According to The Prospector, individuals all over the world could contribute a great many ways to reduce global warming. One way is to optimize electricity use by means of insulation. Insulation helps reduce HVAC power consumption by lowering the thermostat by ensuring facilities do not lose their internal temperature and heat or cool quickly.

Another way is to unplug everything and anything unused at home. The use of multiple outlet strips, which has its own power off option for the entire plug network, would not only remove the risk of fires but save households more than $300 yearly and reduce power consumption and production in coal plants.

Buying in bulk not only saves one money but it also helps do away with excessive packaging from distributors and manufacturers. While it costs more initially, the long-term benefits for both budgets and the environment are limitless indeed.