Former US president Barack Obama will soon be wrapping up his much-deserved post-White House vacation. First on the list of a fuller schedule is heading over to Germany to meet with Chancellor Angela Merkel.

His visit to Germany in May will mark Obama's first official diplomatic appointment since his departure from the White House in January. According to TRAVEL+LEISURE, Obama will be in Berlin to talk about "Actively shaping democracy - taking responsibility at home and abroad." His attendance has been invited by no less than the bishop of Bavaria to commemorate the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation.

Coincidentally, his successor US President Donald Trump will also be heading over to Europe the same day in May to attend a NATO summit. Trump's upcoming visit to Brussels will be his first in Europe as a head of state. Obama will not be joining the billionaire businessman but will instead meet up with German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

This year will also mark a make or break year for the German Chancellor who hopes to clinch her fourth term. While Merkel and Obama see each other eye to eye on substantial global issues such as opening borders for the millions of refugees, such policies now pose a tough re-election for the German Chancellor.  Many of the Germans who used to call on her as Germany's mother has recently shown tendencies to shift their support on her far-right opponent.

A visit to meet with Merkel in Germany during summer won't be such a bad idea for Obama, who's currently hitting the sands of Tahiti. Summer crowds are expected to pour in the country as it opens up with plenty of festivals and events, according to Travelers can kick off their vacation with festivals to celebrate Labor Day or celebrate the Baumblütenfest also known as "Tree Blossom Festival" in Berlin.