Smart suitcases and travel bags use a smartphone application that allows owners to "tag" their bags and find their locations in real time using their smartphone. Aside from their internet integration, smart suitcases are capable of charging smart devices, having tougher exteriors and having better-designed and optimized interiors. For travelers in 2017 who want to travel in digital style, here are the greatest smart suitcases you could use.

BlueSmart has been mentioned as one of the best holiday gadgets for 2017 and it is still a worthy mention when it comes to a good smart travel suitcase. Bluesmart has a self-tracking function and allows only smartphones with its app that contains the proper credentials to open the suitcase would get to do so. Its efficiency extends to using a solar energy collector to recharge its humungous power bank designed to recharge smartphone devices on the go.

According to VentureBeat, E-Case won an enormous following and funding in Kickstarter as it stated its goals. The bag functions similarly to Bluesmart as it uses GPS tracking to find the E-Case's real-time location using one's smartphone. It also alerts the owner in real time if their bags are getting out of range of the smartphone's sensor and calculates the total weight of the bag's contents, which makes it convenient when it comes to luggage cost estimates.

Ultra-stylish with its sleek design and solid single-color appeal, Raden's focus with its smart suitcase is its lightweight approach and strong material used to protect your properties as the bag goes through different baggage sections. The bag also has two smart device charges, a weight measurement device and an app for your smartphone that also allows you to track the bag's location especially when it comes off the baggage carousel.

Robb Report lists Vocier's suitcases as truly amazing and optimized. Perhaps Vocier has one of the most unique smart suitcases and carry-on bags, not to mention the most expensive. Designed for business people attending important meetings abroad and to save time having to re-press their suits or dresses, Vocier has made the F38 leather, which could carry a week's worth of clothing without any creases -- truly convenient for those important, short-notice flight meetings.