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Discover The Irresistible Charm of Cook Islands

Travelers Today       By    Sheobi Anne Ramos

Updated: Apr 06, 2017 04:10 AM EDT

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When looking for a top tropical vacation, places like Hawaii and the Caribbean come to mind. Although granted, these places boast some of the best beaches in the world, their popularity has made them so commercialized. So unless you pay extra for a private beach trip, chances are you'll share the waters with large crowds.

Fortunately, there are still tons of less-known tropical destinations that are just as beautiful as Hawaii and the Caribbean, if not more. One of these places is the beautiful paradise, the Cook Islands.

The Cook Islands is located in the middle of Hawaii and New Zealand in the heart of the Pacific Ocean. A total of 15 islands comprise this tropical oasis, and all of them are heart-stealers for anyone craving for crystal clear waters, fine, white sand, and overall tropical pleasure.

The Cook Islands is highly accessible by air. Flights are regularly available via Air New Zealand between Los Angeles and Rarotonga. Also, compared to other islands in the South Pacific, Cook Islands is the cheapest to travel by air, with discount coupons regularly handed out to the public. According to USA Today, you can get a roundtrip flight for only $499-$598.

Another reason why the Cook Islands is a must-travel destination is the locals. Meeting and learning other cultures is enriching, but it's more special here in the Cooks because of the locals' immense hospitality. Don't freak out when locals kiss you on the cheek on your first meeting! This is one of their local greetings and the locals are usually unabashed.

And of course, the activities you can experience here are irreplaceable. Ordinary Traveler elaborated on the details, but make sure to take your time exploring the islands of Rarotonga and Aitutaki, go on cruise tours, and dive in their colorful reefs. Don't forget to bring your GoPro to record these unforgettable memories.

Also, being in the middle of the ocean, cell reception in the Cook Islands is expensive. The internet is almost non-existent, but if you insist, you can pay $10-$15 for data packages that go only as low as 100MB. It will make you double-think if it's worth it, so just forget about the rest of the world for a minute and wrap your minds in the extraordinary vacation you'll have in the Cook Islands.

So what are you waiting for? This tropical paradise is best for honeymooners, beach enthusiasts, and of course, if you're just simply tired of sharing earth's unspoiled beauty with large crowds. Make sure to check the weather before you go for fewer hassles on your trip.

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