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‘Dragon Ball Super’ Spoilers: Jiren And Goku’s New Power Revealed!

Travelers Today       By    Fernz Lasco

Updated: Mar 30, 2017 04:40 AM EDT

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"Dragon Ball Super" is gearing up for the Tournament of Power and the highly-anticipated battle royal will be just around the corner. In the latest episode of the anime, Goku and the gang are recruiting members that will represent Universe 7. As the most-awaited action packed battle is drawing nearer, let us look closer into the champion of Universe 11 named Jiren who will probably become Goku's rival for the top spot.

We first heard of Jiren during Episode 82 titled "Never Forgive Son Goku! Toppo, the Warrior of Justice Intrudes!" In the episode, Toppo challenged Goku in a fight just after the exhibition match between Universe 7 and Universe 9. During the fight Toppo mentioned that Goku will never beat the strongest in their universe, Jiren as reported by Blasting News.

There is very few information about Jiren aside from the fact that he is really strong, a member of the Pride Troopers and embodiment of justice as claimed by Toppo. It turned out that the gray muscular man that Goku fights on the opening song of the anime was no other than Jiren himself. In the opening song titled "Limit X Breaker," Jiren is seen on par with Goku even with the saiyan's blue form which means that the gray alien is no pushover.

Jiren made an appearance in the arcade game "Dragon Ball Heroes" and in the game, he is labeled with a power level higher that Cell Xeno. Basing on the power levels that are only shown in the show, Hit or Goku will not stand a chance to Jiren. Knowing Goku and the nature of the saiyans, he will surpass his limits and become stronger and the opening song already teased that power up.

According to Droid Report, Goku is seen to transform into a pure crimson Super Saiyan God form for a brief moment. Unlike the Super Saiyan Blue form infused with Kaio-ken, Goku's aura was portrayed pure red.

With a new transformation in sight, the hype just gets higher and higher for the fans who are eager to see the amazing battle and action scenes in the future episodes of "Dragon Ball Super." Meanwhile, let's wait and see Krillin as he fights Gohan to show his new moves in the upcoming Episode 84 that will be aired on April 2.

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