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‘Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 83 Spoilers: Vegeta Not Joining Tournament of Power?

Travelers Today       By    Fernz Lasco

Updated: Mar 21, 2017 04:38 AM EDT

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Last weekend, "Dragon Ball Super" fans finally had an action-packed episode following a short break from the series. Following Goku's battle with the leader of the Trio de Dangers, Bergamo, fans had a chance to see another exhilarating battle. Toppo of Universe 11 challenged Goku into a fight but as both fighters get serious the action was cut short. This left fans wanting for more and excited for the next episode.

Following the episode titles and synopsis that was already released earlier, Episode 83 will be titled "Form the Universe 7 Team! Who are the Strongest Ten?!" As the title suggest, it will be all revolve around the recruitment process to make the team that will represent Universe 7 in the upcoming Tournament of Power. Goku and the others only have 40 hours to complete the best team possible so they have no moment to lose.

According to Comic Book, Goku's showdown with Toppo made him realize that the other universes have a lot of formidable opponents. In order to win and prevent their universe from getting erased from existence, he is determined to make the strongest team possible. He is now seeking all strong warriors in every corner of the Earth that can keep up with the other warriors in the Tournament of Power.

In the previous episode, Toppo also revealed that the strongest member of the Pride Troopers is not him but another man called Jiren as reported by Korea Portal. With a lot of strong opponents to fight, Goku's first choice as an ally is no other than his rival, Vegeta. It is an obvious choice for Goku considering that Vegeta's power is only second to him. However, all of his plans will not go according to plan.

It is also mentioned in the synopsis that Bulma will about to deliver their second baby and Vegeta is going crazy about this. When Goku appeared to recruit Vegeta in the team he refused the offer saying that his wife will be giving birth and he wants to be with her when that happens. Unable to convince the princely Saiyan, Goku asked Whis to convince Vegeta for him.

If Vegeta will be out of the Tournament, this will become very disadvantageous for Goku and his future team especially that all eyes will be on him as a target. Less man is also not an option considering that it will be a battle royal. "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 83 is set to release on Sunday, March 26.

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