Food lovers especially will have the most amazing time  discovering Taiwan's night markets and food bazaars, featuring the best authentic Chinese food.

From savory pork buns to delectable desserts, here are some of the best dishes you must definitely try in Taiwan:

Da Chang Bao Xiao Chang. The name is a mouthful to pronounce, but once you take a bite you probably would be incapable of saying sensible words for a minute because of the whole mouthful of goodness that will invade your mouth. Basically, it's Chinese sausage served on a bun of sticky rice with wasabi, garlic, and pickled bokchoi as usual condiments. Yum.

Gua Bao.This Taiwanese take on good old hamburgers will surely leave you wanting for seconds. Instead of regular buns, Gua Bao uses steamed bun sandwiches, and for the filling, a mixture of chopped braised pork belly, pickled Chinese cabbage, and powdered peanuts fill the brim. An overall hearty dish, it's usually found in the night markets of Taipei.

Taiwanese Beef Noodles. This savory noodle dish is a classic local favorite. Every day, queues of hungry locals and tourists alike line up for a bowl during lunchtime. This dish is so highly regarded and well-loved that each year, a Beef Noodle festival is held in Taipei. Typically served with side dishes such as tofu, cabbage, and seaweed, it's one dish that you will surely pine for after you visit Taiwan.

Braised Pork Rice. If you ask the Taiwanese locals what their favorite comfort food is, chances are most of them will say it's braised pork rice. What's so special about this dish? Well basically, the pork is roughly minced and slow cooked in aromatic soy sauce along with five spices and other secret Chinese herbs which are then served on top of steaming white rice. The dish is savory and flavorful and overall, we don't blame the locals.

Deep Fried Milk. For dessert, you must try eating deep fried milk. Found in the best night markets of Taipei, these tasty little nuggets are made by deep frying batters of sweet milk. Best served hot, they turn into soft golden brown custards that are fluffy soft and delightfully tasty.