More people are playing the Escape Room Game as they battle out the maze using only their intellect to save them from various themed monstrosities like zombies, clowns, and even evil bosses! So, if you're a traveler who would want to experience this fun activity, you can check out these escape rooms around the world.

Claustrophobia Escape Room, Amsterdam. They'll lock you inside the chamber of your choice and leave you to solve riddles before the time runs out. You can either choose the WakeUp! Game where you enter the nightmare of a little girl or the Arcade invasion where aliens try to invade planet earth. The rooms are packed with cool lighting and sound effects where it'll you much deeper to its themed-story. It's not that scary, but you'll leave with a serious adrenaline rush.

The Escape Artist, Singapore. This is not just an escape room where you intend to scurry from one riddle to another. Singapore offers you much better: a Hero System where you have to save the day and battle horrors like zombies and vampires. You'll be equipped with seven natural abilities and one unique one skill per room to escape the gameplay. You're not just going to run with fear -- you'll fight and face them with role play!

The Office, Philadelphia. Who would want to stay in an office forever? Nobody! That's why you have to get out before the "boss" returns in an hour. The Office has a much chiller ambiance, given that it's designed to look like your average office. It has plenty of items, and many have commended on how one has to look for clues almost like interacting with the room.

The Mr.X Mystery House, Shanghai. The place is what you will typically find in a cabinet of curiosities, full of weird items like a portrait of skeletons, a mannequin, and more. You'll end up in different impressive looking rooms like a vault, laser room, a prison and so on. You'll be needing your skills and some profound observation on how you can leave the room.

Escape Room Israel. The game has tons of themed-rooms one can choose from. It has a paranormal activity escape room that you'll be dealing with a lot of ghosts. The doomsday room is more of an apocalyptic world full of bombs and nuclear explosions to deal with, while Hotel California is something everyone can relate to. They also have a Hangover Escape Room! Can you run away from the hangover days?

You can find more escape rooms here from your state.