Property developers might be interested to know that the rural town of Tiller, Oregon is up for sale for $3.85 million. Tiller is considered as an unincorporated community set in a lush greenscape where it can be turned into a possible tourism destination, medical facility or a hemp-growing operation site.

The town is located in the Umpqua National Forest in Douglas Country.The area can be a place of interest for people to hike and discover wildlife and their habitats.  

According to Garrett Zoller, owner of Land and Wildlife real estate, told Yahoo News in an interview that the land includes six houses and an apartment, industrial and commercial lots, and a building that once housed a gas station, general store, and a school. About 250 people lived in the town, but there are only two permanent residents in Tiller where their lots aren't for sale.

The town used to be a major point in timber, but once the harvesting declined, the town's mill has to be closed down for business, and many people relocated to different areas of the country to find a place for a better life.

"When the federal money started dwindling away for timber, basically the mill shut down," Zoller said. "And when the mill closed down, a lot of the loggers started having to go away."

Overall, Tiller consists of 256 acres wide with 29 parcel highway and riverfront views. Moreover, the town has a full rural commercial, industrial, residential, agricultural, farm forest and timber resource zonings according to its listings. The Douglas County is positive that the town will progress well under interested developers.