There's no doubt that tourists lock the Caribbean for its beaches. These group of islands, from Barbados to Jamaica, are not just famous for their crystal-clear waters and white-sand beaches -- their local cuisine is worth visiting as well.

Don't get yourself stuck in just eating expensive food from the many resorts surrounding the area. Trust us--after you've had a taste, you'll ask yourself why you haven't included Caribbean cuisine in your diet sooner. Want some examples? Here are some of the most delectable Caribbean dishes you should definitely try:

Saltfish fritters. This is similar to fish cakes, but the Caribbean style has a definite twist. These flavorful bite-sized pieces of fish mixed with herbs and spices deserve more recognition. After doing the batter, the mixture is deep-fried and then served hot.

Doubles. This dish is a popular street food in Trinidad and Tobago, and is basically fluffy flatbread filled with channa (curried chickpeas), and then topped with the condiment of your choice. Popular condiments include mango chutney, cucumber slices, coconut flakes, and their native vinegar hot sauce.

Curry Goat. You might think twice about eating goat, but this staple dish from Jamaica is a succulent treat. It is advisable to cook this dish really carefully, as the texture greatly contributes to the success of the dish. It is best served hot and poured over rice and peas, and it's definitely OK if your hands get a little bit dirty when eating this.

Stew Beef. Caribbean cuisine is big on hearty dishes, and their local stew beef testifies to that. This heavy goodness consists of beef so tender it melts in your mouth, along with a broth made of caramelized brown sugar, various spices, Worcestershire sauce, overflowing pepper sauce, and lots more.

Jerk Chicken. This popular dish deserves to be on this list because simply, it's one Caribbean dish you should definitely try. A Caribbean take on chicken roast or barbecue, every bite oozes with flavor and spices so mouthwateringly divine.