Any traveler finished with their tour of Manila would want to come to a fresh retreat. The good news is that there are lots of choices if one wants to see beached that are just a few kilometers away from the city -- no need to ride a plane or grab a rental car. Here are five destinations that you can consider. 

Just about less than 20 kilometers away from the Philippine capital, Calatagan's Burot Beach is accessible through Manila's main traffic artery EDSA and its multiple bus terminals. The Victory Liner Bus Terminal brings travelers to Calatagan Market, an estimated three to four hour ride away from Manila. While the beach is publicly inaccessible as of writing according to Chasing Philippines, nearby accommodations such as the Stilts Calatagan Beach Resort still have their beaches open, with affordable accommodations at less than $30 a night.

Quezon Province's Cagbalete Island is gaining popularity from both Manilenos and foreign travelers. The beach island offers amazing ocean views and even guided tours inside its tropical forests. Travelers could opt to stay in Villa Noe, which costs less than $40 nightly and offers amazing cottages, huts or even tents for camping.

Zambales' Magalawa Island in its Palauig region is also slowly gaining reputation -- but so far, still has a relatively small crowd that makes it a perfect refreshing beach destination. The entire trip from bus terminal to the destination is just about three hours from Manila. One could go riding jetskis or go diving in the shallow shorlines to look at amazing marine life. Accommodations could range from camping or staying in The Ruiz Camp Resort, which offers the most natural and affordable experience of the island.

Pangasinan's Patar Beach, located in Bolinao, is almost a replica of the Philippine beach staple Boracay with its gold-sand beaches minus the rowdy crowds and all-too-many concessionaires of the former. There is a lighthouse accessible through the beach, which makes for a romantic locale for couples. The nearby SCL Garden Paradise Beach resort offers amazing balcony views and nipa hut dining for less than $40 a night.

According to The Lost Kids, Philippines, the Dipaculao Beach in Aurora is completely empty and quiet. While no concessionaires for water sports are around, the beach's white sand is beautiful and leisurely. The quiet is comforting -- making book reading or basking in the white sands a beautiful experience. It takes four hours to head to this destination in Baler and staying in Halos Farm and Resort is a must for its amazing amenities.