Hiking and climbing are meant to be exciting scary at the same time. Human feats that are perceived brave and impossible are hikes and climbs that have huge risks involved -- even the possible loss of human life. Anyone brave enough or anyone looking for a once-in-a-lifetime and challenging experience for hikes and climbs need only to choose from these five.

Italy's Dolomites is one of the most terrifying climbing routes in the world according to National Geographic. One might think how the pioneers made it through installing "Via Ferratas" or "Iron Roads" on the trail to the top of the mountains and even creating 170 routes in the process without flinching or even becoming scared. Rock climbers could test their mettle through the metal -- and never look down because it is truly terrifying.

In Utah is the Canyonlands' "The Maze," a trail made for athletic hikers and climbers looking for something more advanced. The Dolomites in Italy has a novice track for beginners -- this one is not so forgiving because it has no trail and even canyon rangers find themselves lost without a map. Fortunately, it has claimed no lives, but it is regarded as truly dangerous for the average climber.

In Spain is the El Caminito del Rey where trailblazers atop the mountains have installed ledge planks that look like they could give out at any minute -- but they do not. The walkway is situated above 328ft of rushing water. Hikers headed to this trail must train their body and mind -- and have a professional trail guide with them to ensure their safety.

Peru's Huayna Picchu Trail, which heads to the famous Machu Picchu is a narrow and possibly slippery trail else the local authorities would not order the closure of the site during the rainy season. Seasoned hikers with proper hiking and climbing skills are allowed here. While support equipment in the form of cables and rails are present, there is no saying what can happen if one does not practice proper care.

Colorado has Longs Peak, which according to Places You'll See, is a serene beauty but has a mortality rate of one death per year. Hiking and climbing Longs Peak is a feat of strength -- the 14,000 feet mountain is impossible to beat without proper training and veteran skills from lower height mountains. No casual hikes and climbs allowed here.