The glory of camping is not for everyone. It's not about spending a more innate time with nature; most people hesitate in the idea of camping mainly because of the lack of basic amenities such as a decent bedroom and comfort room.

Although some prefer the challenge of it, more often than not we wish that we could spend time in the great outdoors but at the same time has a comfortable place to conduct our business in. That's when Drop Box comes in.

Drop box is a portable hotel suite that you can install anywhere you go. Forget elaborate camping tents, this room is easy to install and has basic amenities you wish for in camping out.

According to In-Tenta, the brainchild of Drop Box, "Designed to have little to no impact on the natural ecological environment, the modules are off-site manufactured and use lightweight materials which makes them easy to transport to the location. The main material is wood, a renewable building material that requires less energy to produce, extract, manufacture and transport than other common building materials.

"This natural material offers a solution for both environmentally conscious use and warm modern interior design. Get away from it all in a modular hotel suite!"

"Having coffee in the middle of the forest, or hanging out on top of a cliff... DROP box is especially suitable for anyone who has an inherent yearning for nature but doesn't want to cause a negative impact on the environment as a consequence of its temporary accommodation in nature."

For the sizes of the rooms, you can either choose a suite good for 2 or a big family suite that can fit a family of four. The whole set-up is easy enough to assemble, and with the suite comes a panoramic shower, an outdoor terrace, and big windows so you could get the most of the outdoor views.

Fancy a spring campout in the middle of the woods? Bring Drop Box with you. Prices are available upon request.