Marriage proposals are amazing, but there's an Australian couple who did it so beautifully, the rest of the world turned green with envy. Dale Sharpe proposed to longtime girlfriend Karlie Russell in the middle of the Arctic Circle. Their backdrop? The beautiful view of Aurora Borealis, or the Northern Lights.

Dale Sharpe and Karlie Russell met through their jobs as landscape photographers. They both love traveling the world and documenting amazing photos together, but the Northern Lights hold a special place in their hearts. They've chased the Aurora Borealis 30 times already!

That's why the minute Dale realized that he wants to spend the rest of his life with Karlie, he has been planning non-stop for the perfect opportunity to propose underneath the Northern Lights. His first attempt though, was unsuccessful.

No, Karlie didn't turn him down on his first try; instead, she accidentally threw away the $4,000 engagement ring Dale bought! It was hidden in a bottle of hand cream in their luggage during their flight from the Faroe Islands to Iceland, and Karlie threw away the bottle after realizing their luggage was overweight.

Dale only realized what happened a week later after searching for the ring. When he realized it was really gone, he saved up again for a new ring before successfully proposing to Karlie for the second time.

The couple's engagement photo quickly circulated around the world and was envied by everyone. The photo shows Dave kneeling in front of Karlie somewhere in the Arctic Circle, with the beautiful greenish blue hue of the Northern Lights all around them. Dale was holding Karlie's hand and the photo also shows Karlie to be in total emotional disbelief.

Dale successfully staged the photo and the proposal itself by pretending that he and Karlie were just supposed to take a selfie. But right when the camera was about to flash, he got down on one knee and the camera successfully captured the beautiful moment of Dale Sharpe's proposal.

The Aurora Borealis is a natural light display phenomenon only seen in places near the Arctic Circle. Iceland is the most common country to hold Northern Lights tours and activities. Streaks of pink to greenish hue usually permeate the dark skies during this phenomenon, and it is most commonly seen during the winter.