The Internet is home to lots of personalities and most of them have interesting content in their accounts. But some of them stand out especially when their activities involve once-in-a-lifetime experiences that most individuals -- especially travelers -- would like to have. Here are five best travel accounts Instagram has for people to look up to, travel-wise.

Melissa Hie (@girleatworld) does not prioritize her personal photos as the content of her Instagram account. Instead, she focuses on food she eats in her vacation destination against a beautiful backdrop. One photo of her hands holding a drink against a backdrop of Singapore's Marina Bay sands shows how artistic and beautiful her shots are. The rest of her photos in Instagram are beautifully inspiring despite their simplicity.

According to Geeky Explorer, Trey Ratcliff (@treyratcliff) is all about using the 4:3 shots of Instagram with color and artistic perspective. His photos truly look like beautiful works of art that one could use as a desktop or smartphone wallpaper. Upon visiting his Instagram, one might find a few photos of the amazing photographer, and a world of wonderful travel inspiration.

Probably the contrast of bright colors and sharpness used by Trey Ratcliff, Andy To (@andyto) uses perspective with the faded visual beauty of warm saturated photographs that give a certain "moody" feel. His photos are inspiring -- showcasing sights of his visits with a one-point perspective highlighting the grandiose appeal of what he just saw in-location.

Earning awards for plenty of their photos from syndicated photographers makes National Geographic's Travel (@natgeotravel) Instagram a must-see. In true travel photography technicality and "poster ready" shots, NatGeo's official travel IG is a great way to pass the time and get inspired. 

According to Huffington Post, Megan Jerrard (@mappingmegan) makes it a point to capture realism in her shots, including color and sharpness treatment. But her use of perspective -- and a few photos of herself in hilarious situations -- is highlighted by her Instagram account.