Nordic culture is still alive and kicking, and you can experience all in the Faroe Islands. Composed of 18 islands and populated by less than a 100,000 people, Faroe Islands is one of Europe's best-kept secrets.

But aside from the scenic attractions and the unique Faroese culture, their local cuisine is also something to look out for. This is evident through the recognition of KOKS restaurant as the first restaurant in the Faroe Islands to earn a Michelin Star.

In operation since 2011, KOKS is a well-loved local restaurant that features authentic Faroese cuisine. This is the first time Faroese cuisine was recognized as a Michelin delicacy, in which the 2017 Michelin Guide to the Nordic Countries has recognized.

Seafood plays a vital part in the Faroese cuisine, and in KOKS' 17-course tasting menu, seafood cooked in ways most of the world have never seen before are laid right in front of your eyes. Rather than adapting to the world's modern take on gastronomy, KOKS stand by the ancient practices and the unique food culture of the Faroes, which makes it a treasure by the locals and visitors.

"On behalf of the team at KOKS, I would like to express our sincere gratitude and appreciation to the Michelin Guide Nordic Countries for this wonderful award," says 26-year-old chef, Poul Andrias Ziska.

"At KOKS, our aim is to create the ultimate dining experience. An experience strongly influenced by our deep-rooted Faroese traditions and the remarkable local produce found at our doorstep. This is our strength, and often our job is simply to let the extraordinary produce speak for itself."

Because of the recognition, more and more people are now drawn in visiting the Faroe Islands just to have a taste of the culinary masterpieces served in KOKS. According to reports, hotel bookings and table reservations for the summer are sold out, and more and more locals are advertising their homes through Airbnb.