A groundbreaking discovery of NASA recently emerged which may have a huge impact on planet Earth and humanity. The latest NASA news revealed that they have discovered a planetary system similar to the Solar System. Many are asking, is there life in the planets in this newly discovered system?

According to reports, the planets were Earth-sized and could host water which may manifest the possibility of life. This system is 40 light-years away from our planet which is right next door in a cosmic scale. But of course, it will still take hundreds of millions of years in order to get there.

Another indication that life could be possible on the planet is the small red dwarf star called the TRAPPIST-1, creating a Goldilocks Zone. This means that it is a habitable zone as the planets surround a star. Space Flight Insider reports that seven planets are orbiting said star which was discovered by the research team of the European Southern Observatory.

Since life is possible in these alien worlds, a team lead by Michaël Gillon from the STAR Institute at the University of Liège in Belgium turned more telescopes to the TRAPPIST-1, Popular Mechanics reported. Said outlet also added that the planets are very close to each other and because of that, one could see the geological features and even the clouds of the other planet.

According to scientists, the planets around TRAPPIST-1 are "tidally locked" to their star. This means that one side is perpetually daytime and the other side is always dark. But despite this, it doesn't negate the possibility of life.

But experts admit that they still need to know more about the newly discovered planetary system. They do not have knowledge of the planet's size, orbital periods, distance from the host star and others. With that, further study would be necessary.

As of now, the atmospheres of the planets are being studied using the Hubble Space Telescope. According to Futurism, once the James Webb Space Telescope will be launched in October 2018, a more in-depth study of the planets can be conducted. And maybe, experts will be able to determine if there is alien life on the planet.