New reports reveal that a giant asteroid will be hitting Earth and will eventually trigger the end of the world. This is just one of the many possible causes of the world's end according to conspiracy theorists. But is an asteroid attack indeed possible?

Many experts are saying that humanity could be wiped out by a giant asteroid. Although this is possible, said giant asteroid that would destroy Earth will arrive 1.35 million years from now. According to Mail Online, there are about 2,000 known asteroids that would probably strike the planet in the next billion years.

However, despite the claims of end of the world conspiracy theorists, there is no possibility of an asteroid attack causing doomsday in the near future. According to Real Life Lore, there is a one in 625 chance for a 500 feet in diameter asteroid to hit earth. If this will hit earth, it will happen 160 years from now. It added that more than 1,650 asteroids are potentially hazardous and only 157 of them are larger than 3,000 feet diameter.

There is also another 1,600 feet in diameter asteroid which has one in 2,700 chance in striking Earth. And there is also a 4,200 feet in wide asteroid which has a one in 8,333 chance of hitting the planet which will probably be in 2880.

Recently, a report from Forbes reveal that an asteroid nearly struck Earth. It is recorded as the closest asteroid to the planet with a distance of 40,000. This 15-32 feet wide asteroid came close to Earth on January 30, 2017. Said asteroid is called 2017 BH30 which was detected by the Near Earth Object Program of NASA.

The asteroid is considered part of the Apollo group which are Near Earth Asteroids that has orbits crossing Earth. Asteroids under this group are considered as potentially dangerous since they might hit the Earth's surface. But it is said that asteroids are not witnessed by humans because they would explode in the upper atmosphere.

With this, it appears that a feared asteroid attack will not happen in the near future. It also manifest that it isn't the end of the world yet or doomsday would be happening in a different manner. Do you think Armageddon will happen soon?