Just in time to shatter any beach bum's dreams of a great body by summertime, Black Tap just unleashed the Brooklyn Blackout Shake Cake. The "Crazy Shake" joins forces with Junior's, a Brooklyn-based restaurant to create the special, gigantic, insulin-triggering treat.

According to Lonely Planet, New York is going crazy over Black Tap's "Crazy Milkshakes" list with the Brooklyn Blackout Cake Shake taking the lead. Summer is just a few months away until May -- and New Yorkers will find it difficult to avoid the calories brought on by tasty chocolate chips, vanilla ice cream, chocolate syrup and whipped cream.

Black Tap owner Chef Joe Isidori worked with Little Cupcake Bakeshop to use the latter's Blackout Cake and fuse it with the crazy ideas for shakes Isidori has. Black Tap sells more than 1,000 shakes daily and peaks at 1,500 during the weekends -- indicating how crazy New Yorkers are about crazy shakes with cakes.

But the Brooklyn Blackout Cake Shake is not the only thing on Black Tap's menu. The Candy Milkshake contains a huge amount of its eponymous delights, including some candy tablets laced around the drink. Black Tap is not all about sweets too -- its burgers are gourmet-level amazing and it comes with an amazing gigantic chocolate shake.

Spoon University talks more about the varieties of shakes in Black Tap including the Cookies and Cream Milkshake and Cookie Milkshake, which Black Tap's crew carefully create for their patrons. There are also brownie and cotton candy milkshakes -- which would not just be a caloric nightmare but also a possible trip to the dentist.Celebrities including the Olsen Twins and New York-based Hollywood stars attest to the sinfulness of these thousand-calorie treats, according to Lonely Planet.

About this cake, there is some bad news: the Brooklyn Blackout Shake Cake is available only for a couple of weeks every year. The good news is that Chef Isidori has made the recipe available in Food Republic.