There is no specific date yet as to when "Poldark" Season 3 will air, but it is set to be this spring. Filming is underway, and there are a lot of rumors as to what the plot of the upcoming season will be like. But thing's for sure, whatever happened during Season 2 will haunt Ross.

Metro previously reported that Poldark and Demelza have been spotted during filming looking happy and in love. It is possible that they have patched things up after a rocky Season 2, where it led to Demelza almost betraying her man with Captain McNeil.

Still on the topic about relationships, Facts Herald said that Ross' scorn for George will intensify in "Poldark" Season 3 and what' worse is that George will soon be married to Elizabeth, who is Ross' ex-mate. It is said that because of how things are going, Ross and George may end up in a duel.

It can be remembered that Ross had forced himself into Elizabeth's home that last time, and the upcoming season may show Elizabeth and George joining forces to charge Ross with sexual assault. George may just push Elizabeth to make these charges happen.

Meanwhile, once the news about Elizabeth's pregnancy breaks, how would George react to it? Some fans speculate that this could cause George to treat Elizabeth badly, and that she may just to leave him altogether, too. If this happens, expect things to get worse between George and Ross.

If George learns about the baby, he could go to Ross to get revenge. How soon will Elizabeth understand that George is not a good man and that he is cruel and deceitful? Season 3 could hopefully make her realize that. Once she gets to know her husband, leaving him may do her good.

"Poldark" Season 3 will have nine episodes. Filming for the upcoming season started in September and will continue until later this year. It was previously rumored that the series will end after Season 5, but BBC confirmed that there is no truth to this.