Traveling can be a really fulfilling experience. Exploring a foreign country, getting to know its culture and visiting its top tourist attractions make for some of the best memories of your life.

While this is a dream of many, traveling is not just suns and roses. Certain risks are still at stake whenever you visit a foreign place, much more so if you're only by yourself.

So how dangerous is it really to travel? Can't everybody do it? First of all, before you go to your chosen destination, you must do a lot of research about the place. Learn about its local laws and customs, and the common crimes happening in the area. Traveling on a whim may seem romantic, but if you're not fully prepared you may face a situation that can turn your travel experience sour.

Some of the most common unfortunate incidents that can ever happen to anyone during traveling are getting robbed, being fooled to pay for a service much higher than the usual fee, getting sick, and getting stuck in a natural disaster. These may not be as serious as it can get, but it's enough to drive any traveler mad which might possibly ruin the whole travel experience.

So how to avoid these pesky situations? First, when traveling with a backpack, try to wear it facing front. Local street gangs in some countries know how to slit a backpack open with a sharp knife and pull out your money and other personal belongings without you noticing.

Always bring first-aid medicine especially in tropical destinations and make sure you have your medicine and travel insurance handy. To avoid getting caught up in a natural disaster, research a little bit on the weather and climate conditions of your chosen destination before booking your travel dates.

According to gearpatrol, "There are some genuinely dangerous places that you should either take special care in, or simply not travel there at all. Active war zones are no-brainers. As for other trouble zones, the governments of Canada, the United States and the UK all maintain travel advisory sites."

So there you go. Don't be dissuaded about traveling to a new place. You can avoid danger as much as possible if you're always prepared, and being alert at all times is a definite plus. Traveling is fun, exciting, and can open a lot of opportunities--you just have to make sure that you do all the necessary preparations before you take off.