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Five People Skills Consistent Traveling Will Help You Develop

Travelers Today       By    JC Santos

Updated: Feb 24, 2017 03:40 AM EST

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The exposure to a unique situation -- such as sharing one's fears with strangers a day before a bungee jump -- is the reason traveling is refreshing for most people. New situations require improvisation might it be a new skill to find a hotel immediately after a botched-up early booking or talking to people and earning their trust to go on new adventures. Well-travelled individuals develop these five people skills, which they honestly barely notice.

Perhaps the cheesiest notion of travel's helpfulness stems from that one thing most improvement posts mentions: pushing one's self out of one's comfort zone into challenging arenas. Preparing for travel is indeed challenging. The Leap UK is just one of the many blogs that cites the comfort zone as the first to go for personal development -- and their recommendation is valid because improvisation is a skill learned by experience, not theory.

Itineraries are essential for all travels, which is the reason some would-be tourists and travelers delay their vacations because it requires an immense amount of planning. A number of couples who use travel itineraries as "building blocks" to building their life together and not just because of experience but also because it is quite a pain to make travel plans. Bootsnall refers to this as developing the people skill of teamwork.

With improvisation comes confidence -- albeit slowly learned. One can imagine an individual who awkwardly approaches a stranger and goes past his or her fear of rejection. Building up on these small successes enable one to believe in one's capabilities -- and eventually learning from the possible failures he or she could face.

Improvisation gives way to critical thought and the latter's presence indicates the budding of creativity. Good or bad the situation might be during travel, a seasoned traveler thinks outside the box for solutions -- enhancing their creativity and personal adaptability in the process.

And of course, no seasoned traveler is inexperienced with talking and socializing. From asking where the nearest restroom is to gathering like-minded individuals to go on hikes and climbing, seasoned travelers know how to "talk smooth" -- and the development of this skill during consistent travel is inevitable.

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