In the most recent episode of "The Flash," Barry, Caitlin, Cisco and Julian embarked on a mission to save Harry, who has been abducted and brought to Earth-2. Their goal to save Harry from Gorilla City caused them to be captured instead and they were brought to Grodd.

Episode 13, which is titled "Attack on Gorilla City," looked like it was taken from a scene from the "Planet of the Apes," Vulture said. What's different is that Gorilla City is extremely advanced - more advanced than humanity, that's why they have hidden their location from the rest of the world.

And so when Harry was captured by Grodd, the team went through a portal to save him. They were captured by gorillas, and Barry is ordered to fight against Solovar. Grodd said that if he kills Solovar, he will let them go. He also said that Solovar wants to attack Central City on Earth 1 - which was a lie. In reality, it was Grodd's plan to attack Central City, Forbes reported.

The battle between Barry and Solovar was truly epic, and the CGI was great. In the end, Barry won the fight, but they soon realized that they are not going to get what Grodd promised. They did manage to escape, and Grodd was left without a way to get his invasion plan underway. It seems like everything was back to normal - the team went on with their routine, and then came a shocker.

Back when "The Flash" Season 3 Episode 13 started, scenes from Gypsy's appearance a few episodes back was shown, and just when the episode was nearing its end, Grodd was shown, now crowned as the King of Gorilla City with Gypsy before him, and his ape soldiers prepare for war. The next episode is titled "Attack on Central City" and it will air February 28.