Hotels vary in different designs around the world. Some of them prefer a sleek, modern, minimalist style, while some splurge out on ostentatious designs and colorful schemes.

But some hotels stand out in looking like they came several years into the future. They look so futuristic that the first things that come to your mind are out-of-this-world luxury and science fiction come to life.

It's amazing how world-class architects and engineers give life in these magnificent pieces of construction. Here are some of the most futuristic-looking hotels in the world today:

The Hilton Rangali Island Resort, Maldives. This hotel probably wins the best view for breakfast in bed. Located 16 feet below the surface of Maldives, your 360 view is of the underwater marine life and schools of colorful fish just swimming around. To provide a more stunning view, the walls are made of clear glass, making it feel like you're inside an aquarium. This remarkable engineering is a closer look to the luxury hotels we might have in the future.

Hotel Silken Puerto America, Madrid. There's no same design concept on each floor of this hotel in Madrid. One thing we can all agree though: the designs are out of this world. Just a stone's throw away from the airport, this hotel is can be dizzying with all the varying colorful designs executed by different top architects.

Tubohotel, Mexico. This hotel may not win in opulent designs and luxury services, but it sure deserves to be on this list based on its unique take on hotel accommodations. As you might guess, the rooms are made out of big tubes, similar to the segments of a sewage tunnel. The tube rooms are then stacked to mimic the Aztec pyramid of the nearby El Tepozteco, and are fitted with basic sleeping amenities. The whole concept is so weird, it might as well be from the future.

Yas Viceroy Abu Dhabi. The UAE sure knows how to make luxury accommodations, and this hotel in Abu Dhabi looks so futuristic with its architecture, it looks like it came from the set of Star Wars. It is built over a Formula One racetrack, and its luxury amenities include two rooftop infinity pools, a high-end spa, and several top-of-the-notch restaurants you can only avail if you have the cash.