Many fans are anticipating the return of "Better Call Saul" season 3 especially that the AMC TV show teased the return of Giancarlo Esposito's "Breaking Bad" character Gus Fring. It is said that Gus will be showing a different side for his appearance in the series.

The backstory of Gus will be featured in "Better Call Saul" season 3. Viewers will learn how he rose to power and how he was molded through various experiences. With this, Esposito expressed his excitement to be part of the famous TV show especially that he never expected to join the series.

According to Starz Post, a weaker Gus will be featured which is different from his very strong personality in "Breaking Bad." The new dimension of the character of Gus excites fans even more. Since the series is a prequel to the original show, a younger character is most likely to be showcased.

“He’s a different guy,” Esposito said in an interview with AMC. “He’s a little fresher, a little less jaded.” He added that he is more helpful, more energetic and has an eerily calm character. He even calls his character as a "Gus we've never met before." But despite that, he is still terrifying while he smoothly and quitely manipulates things.

During the said interview, Esposito also made it clear that he will only cover aspects that are relevant to the Jimmy McGill/Paul Goodman, who is portrayed by Bob Odenkirk. The connection of Mike and Gus is also something that fans could be excited about. Viewers will also see how Gus gained the favor of Juan Bolsa over Hector Salamanca.

Aside from Esposito, Emmy award-winning actor Aaron Paul, who plays the role Jesse Pinkman will reportedly reprise his role in "Better Call Saul" Season 3. TV Line reported that the actor was asked on "Ellen" if Pinkman will return, to which he responded saying "God, I hope so. Maybe I already shot it. We just, I mean they just, wrapped up the latest season."