"Dragon Ball Super" Episode 78 and 79 will be more exciting as the Universe Survival Arc continues featuring the Tournament of Power. Aside from the showcase of power, fans will also be introduced to new characters who will be joining the tournament.

An early preview in Jump showcase furry new characters named Bergamo, Lavenda, & Basil. These wolves will face a battle with Goku, Gohan, and Buu. The teaser adds that said fight will be featured on Episode 79. This preview also manifest that there will be more new characters coming to the anime.

Meanwhile, titles and synopsis for Episode 78 and 79 were leaked by Todd Blankenship who is known to reveal various spoilers and teasers of "Dragon Ball Super." Episode 78 is set to air on February 12 titled "The Universes' Gods are Aghast! You'll Be Obliterated if You Lose at the Tournament of Power."

In this episode, ten contestants from each universe are selected to join the Tournament of Power. Goku and the other contestants will be left dumbfounded after knowing that the Omni King will wipe out the Universe of those who will lose the battle.

According to Crunchyroll,"Dragon Ball Super" Episode 79 titled "Universe 9's Kicker Basil vs Universe 7's Majin Buu!!" will feature the preliminary to the Tournament of Power through the Omni-Present Match. The first match, which will air on February 19, is between Universe 7 and Universe 9.

To represent Universe 7 are Goku, Gohan, and Majun Buu. On the other hand, the wolves mentioned above will represent Universe 9. Basil is the red wolf with a cape, Lavenda is the slouching wolf with suspenders and Bergamo is the tall wolf with a scarf. The three is collectively called as "Trio the Dangers."

It is said that both the present and future Omni-Kings are interested in watching the match of Buu. They even saw Buu laughing even if he was losing since the wolves are tough. Fans are curious if Universe 7 will succeed in the tournament.

As for "Dragon Ball Super" episode 80 and 81, no title and synopsis are released yet. Episode 80 will be aired on February 26 while the 81st episode will air on March 5. Come back for more spoilers and leaks for the upcoming episodes of the anime.