"Islands" and "cheap" could never go in the same sentence especially when island vacations are quite expensive. But owning an island is relatively cheaper than just staying for vacation. In fact, in exchange for a college degree or a greatly expensive wedding, one could own an island.

Take Sweet Island in British Columbia for example. The exotic hills and the numerous pine trees could be harvested should future owners decide to develop the land for residency or commercial purposes. The island could just smell like pine for eternity as a hit vacation beach and island resort too. Comes at a price tag of $105,000.

In the United States is Wisconsin's Loon Island (which is free of the latter adjective; no loons here). According to Buzzfeed, citing the actual listing, the island is "surrounded by fantastic swimming frontage" and like any island "has amazing views from every point." The island is for anyone dreaming to live in "Swiss Family Robinson," only for the price of $149,000.

Thrillist lists Chandler Island as one of the cheapest islands in the world, and for good reason; the island is only 43,560 square feet. Located in Maine, the island is fairly small and surrounded by immense bodies of water. It is underdeveloped as of yet, but has great potential to be a great resort home for its lucky owner. For island dreams for only $40,000

Mannions Island in Ireland is great for agricultural buffs looking for a farming island, which is quite an impractical idea until one discovers the area is prone to good moisture and sunlight. The island itself is what Thrillist describes as "60% percent fertile," to which it indicates the remaining attributes as a "total barren mystery." For owners at $185,722.

For about $193,489, Deer Bay French River Island in Ontario, Canada has about all types of wood and great watersports with gigantic bodies of water surrounding the island. The island is situated near a wilderness preserve and is still near the mainland island of its area only five minutes away.