Iris Mittenaere, the newly-crowned 2016 Miss Universe, has been the subject to a lot of talks lately, not only because of her win, but also because of some rumors. Fans dig up her Instagram photos and found some pictures showing that she may be a lesbian.

The gay rumors started when photos of Mittenaere and alleged lesbian partner Camille Cerf circulated online. According to Latin Times, photos with fellow beauty queen show that the two are very friendly with each other. There are even pictures with just the two of them at a candlelit dinner during the Valentine season last year.

Daily Disruption said that nothing is confirmed yet, but her sexual orientation should not be a problem and is even an advancement for the LGBTQ community. If the rumors are true, then she could be the first openly gay Miss Universe winner. The 24-year-old 2016 Miss Universe could be the game changer to the gay community.

Now, with the alleged girlfriend, Cerf is a previous Miss France winner. She is a French businesswoman, charity worker, and model. Between Cerf and Mittenaere, the former actually has more photos of them together. A lot of internet users have been asking more information from Mittenaere if the lesbian rumors are true, but even more fans are just supportive.

A lot of people say that if Mittenaere is indeed a lesbian, then the LGBTQ community has found another icon. Mittenaere could be the trailblazer who could bring a lot of good things to the LGBTQ people. Fans say that there is definitely nothing wrong with having a lesbian Miss Universe.

However, some say that the gay rumors are not true, and that 2016 Miss Universe is not a lesbian and even has a boyfriend. Others say that the photos of Mittenaere and Cerf are not enough proof that Mittenaere is a lesbian.