"Legion" is an upcoming TV series based on the Marvel Comics character of the same name. The series is connected to the "X-Men" film series - the first TV series to do so - and it follows the story of David Haller (Dan Stevens), a patient from Clockworks Psychiatric Hospital.

According to The New York Times, David Haller discovers, after years of being told that he was schizophrenic, that he has formidable telepathic abilities. "Legion" has its roots in a lesser-known X-Men character and it represents the first live-action television effort to come from the comics since the mid-1990s.

When David becomes aware of his abilities including the abilities of those around him, he finds himself pursued by a shadowy government agency and a benevolent group who claims to want to help him. The series shows viewers exactly what David sees, including a nightmarish recurring vision/demon that plagues him, Collider said.

Viewers may be expecting to see "X-Men" characters like Wolverine, but that's not going to happen. Lauren Shuler Donner, the long time "X-Men" producer said: "Tough noogies. It's not that, and it's not going to be that." Although the series is a spinoff, it exists in a universe that looks and feels distinct from those movies.

The pilot episode is written and directed by Noah Hawley ("Fargo"), and it will show the ecstatic wild, destructive David, and then finally as an adult who passes his days at the psychiatric hospital. The style and audacity of "Legion" plus the challenges presented to viewers make it a unique prime time series.

"Legion" has a lot of themes and identity, memory, and emotion and visual storytelling is great. The series is a deeply considered portrait of mental illness, and David's struggles with his abilities will connect to viewers, making it a series that's definitely to watch out for. The series premieres February 8 on FX.