Famous actor Hugh Jackman is not ecstatic to create a "Deadpool" and "Wolverine" movie. Jackman confirms that "Logan" will be the last movie for the acclaimed superhero.

Ryan Reynolds is on board with a crossover superhero movie between the two "X-Men" characters. He actually wants to convince Jackman to create the film, even convincing fans of the hit 2016 movie to fire up the internet and rally on it.

Reynolds genuinely likes Hugh Jackman that's the reason he likes to the superhero crossover. Well, that is apart from the fact that a "Deadpool" and "Wolverine" crossover movie will light screens on fire, News reported.

However, Jackman is not really on board with the whole thing, hesitating towards it. He explained that he's departure from the "X-Men" franchise might just be all wrong but he believes that his new movie is the perfect ending for the mutant.

Ryan Reynolds is not giving up hope though but it is still up to the audience. He said that he is willing to exploit audience relationship just to get Hugh Jackman for another one. Reynolds said that he has no idea if he can change Jackman's mind alone, that's the reason why he needs back up from fans.

If the "Deadpool" and "Wolverine" crossover movie will not happen, people can watch "Logan" the last "X-Men" related movie Hugh Jackman will ever do. According to Slash Film, the movie will be scored by "Lucifer" music composer Marco Beltrami instead of "Drive" composer Cliff Martinez.

The news came out after a fan of Marco Beltrami aired his sentiments on Twitter saying "@mang0ld It was less quick than you may think. Lifelong Marco fan (can you tell?) checked imdb, wiki, http://marcobeltrami.com, etc. Friends?"

Director James Mangold replied to this saying "@marco_beltrami Sure! But always wise to start softer and hear from other side before making accusations. Relax. Marco is scoring the film."

It may came as a surprise to fans but the new movie is actually left on capable hands. Aside from scoring the hit series "Lucifer," he has scored a number of Guillermo Del Toro and Wes Craven films. Travelers Today reported that "Logan" will hit theaters on March 3, 2017.