A hotel line in France is setting up a new trend by giving guests a chance to spend a night with nature. The Attrap'Rjves family hotel is offering transparent bubble rooms for two people which are located outdoors. The rooms would allow people to have a one of a kind experience sleeping under the stars with comfort.

According to the Daily Mail, each room would cost around $125 where the guests can have a spectacular 360-degree view of nature. The hotel also offers guests a complimentary telescope and a record chart that is found in every room. It will be a good opportunity for guests to witness the stars at night in the most amazing view.

Located in the middle of woodland in Allauch, the bubble rooms are placed in grassy locations to give guests a natural experience of sleeping with nature. The beds are low and come with many blankets where sleepers can cuddle up together in the cozy ambiance.

What's also interesting about this place is that it's dog-friendly. Metro reported that dog lovers can take their furry friends with them to make the experience homier. However, a special place is given to them in the hotel's main house.

The hotel also offers massages and Jacuzzis for the guests according to Attrap Reves. There are five room options that guests can choose from which are the Suite Chic, 1001 Nights, Zen, Glamour and Nature. But if there are any special requests, the hotel staffs are flexible enough to attend to the needs of the guests.

The family hotel started back in 2010 where it was only opened for couples who want to spend some time alone together. Now, it's a romantic destination the almost every traveler would want to go to.

These French bubble hotels are a good way of letting guests experience nature without compromising luxury and comfort. It should be on every traveler's bucket list.