Aspen might be a mountain town in America but it is as lively as any urban business city America has with all its festivities, restaurants and bars. And just like any urban American city, travelers could rent luxury properties in Aspen in the form of amazing mansions with their personals swimming pools, bar lounges and ski slopes.

According to Business Insider -- citing the compilation made by vacation rental search engine HomeToGo -- Aspen travelers can find a modernized log cabin complete with earthy features and amazing wood quality complete with a Jacuzzi in Aspen's Park Avenue. All yours for a whopping $5,000 nightly.

According to CNBC, properties in Aspen to the Hamptons are subsiding in value due to a sales slump in real estate. But for $2,500 nightly -- and the price is still unlikely to change despite the recent news -- a full-bodied wall of windows in a mansion near The Maroon Bells shows an excellent view of almost the entire town of Aspen.

A great way to spend $7,000 is with friends. This mansion home in Pitkin County will have travelers split $7,095 amongst 7-14 friends to spend a night inside a true, luxurious mansion that has an amazing modern home with a wood and drywall appeal. If not the mountain range view, then it would probably be the wine cellar that would take the cake for most travelers -- yes the wine consumption is limited but is on the house.

Travelers looking for a Victorian mansion could find one in Aspen and it could house 9 guests and is much more affordable at $1,420 a night's stay. Its cabin appeal makes it appear almost like a true Victorian-era home away from home during the hunting season.

Situated atop a mountain is a 9,000 square foot mansion with its own ski slope. Capable of housing 14 guests, the house is one of the reasons Aspen's property prices should go down quite a bit. Nightly rents go at a whopping $10,120 nightly. But then again, travelers have an amazing log cabin style house with an outdoor fireplace near its outdoor Jacuzzi, and unlimited ski access.