The prequel of the long-running "Yakuza" series from SEGA, "Yakuza 0", is getting very good reviews. The game is an open world, action-adventure video game that takes place in December 1988 in Kamurocho and Sotenbori, a fictionalized recreation of Tokyo's Kabukicho Shinjuku Golden Gai areas and Osaka's Dotonbori areas.

According to The Verge, when you walk down the streets of Tokyo's Kamurocho district and Osaka, Japan you will fight thugs like you're in a PS2-era. "Yakuza 0" works because it manages to be both silly and sincere. The storyline has shocking betrayals and copious deaths. Kazuma Kiryu - the protagonist - is a fantastic character who won't hesitate to sacrifice everything for those close to him.

Trusted Reviews reported that although Kamurocho isn't big, it is dense and peppered with shops, clubs, bars and more. Just like its predecessors, "Yakuza 0" is a variety of things to do that don't necessarily relate to the main path of the storylines of the game. The "Yakuza" series has always had some side quests that are interesting, and that definitely stray from convention. This makes exploring this open world a walkabout that's both visually appealing and curiously entertaining.

There are two main stories - Kazuma Kiryu and Goro Majima each tells a prologue about tale about the characters and their role in a war between rival clans. Kiryu's tale largely centers on his early days as a Yakuza, while Majima's story tells about his desire to get back into the Yakuza life. Although both stories have their own twists and turns, both largely talks about morality and redemption for each character, whose paths eventually cross.

Those who have played the "Yakuza" series will certainly appreciate "Yakuza 0" more than those who have not played the prequel. The game has plenty of activities packed in a dense open world title. If you are looking for a game that's surprising, this is definitely for you.