Attaining travelers' expectations while maintaining the amount necessary to achieve it is an ongoing struggle in any vacation -- and staying in a luxury hotel does not make it any easier. But there are five ways to make the struggle quite easier to handle.

Pre-planned vacation budgets can protect travelers from spending more than what is intended. But travelers should keep in mind some budgets could lack the basic amount provided -- using overhead amounts instead of minimum is advised when making pre-planned vacation budgets. The overhead is the ceiling amount one can spend throughout the vacation.

According to MapHappy Contributor Erica Ho, her stay in different luxury hotels that cost about $500 nightly showed rooms that seem normal or even parallel to $30 a night rooms in most hostels and apartments but the services themselves make up for the poor rooms. Feeling one is in a home away from home -- complete with concierges, escorts and all hotel staff capable of identifying travelers by name-- can be truly expensive so choose the hotel from the onset wisely.

If there is no need to use golf carts, the often overpriced but available hotel staff-led tour of the city or countryside, or take refreshments provided in refrigerators in most hotels of caliber if convenience stores nearby provide them, then avoid doing so. Travelers can rack up more than $300 alone when dining in the hotel's restaurant, using hotel amenities extensively and consuming fridge-provided readily available items.

When staying in a luxury hotel, it is best to travel as a couple or without children. While many luxury hotels and resorts are kid-friendly, they maintain so for a reason; children can rack up expenses faster than one can consume everything in the hotel fridge. Watch out.

According to Asia One Travel's crowdsourced travel tips list, travelers encourage those embarking on luxury hotel stays to ask for a discount wherever they go. To have better chances of success, dropping the attitude of self-entitlement is encouraged. Paying it forward in positivity indeed goes al ong way.